You know that feeling when you get something you weren’t sure you could accomplish, done, and on time for a deadline?

Well, I’ve been basking in that feeling all day.

Finished my second screenplay for that animated series and the problem was I’d waited too long between the two to do them.

This second episode might even be better than the pilot!

I think the hardest thing about writing screenplays is being creative while adhering to the format.

It’s so much more natural to write scenes in novel format.

I’d finished the pilot episode way back, was it mid-October or something? I think so! It was well before I went for Hajj, and I was still so new to the form that when I went back to using my screenwriting software, I’d honestly forgotten the format.

It came back to me quickly enough, and I was able to infuse a lot of adventure and action into the story. Something my literary senses had gotten rather rusty with.

I had fun with the process, and was laughing out loud while embellishing several of the scenes–always a good sign!

And then, and hour ago, our Hajj group leader called. I’m to meet him on Airport road to pick up mine and my brother’s luggage! They finally arrived!

I’ll probably invite the kids and their families over on next Friday for a pizza party and present them with the stuff I got them.

I’ll just have to thoroughly inspect the luggage to make sure no unwanted stowaways (bedbugs from that awful hotel in Medina) arrived with them!

Forewarned is forearmed!

And one of the best things, yesterday, when I walked my three miles on the treadmill, wonder of wonders but my feet didn’t hurt! Tonight too. So far my feet are fine!

Usually I’m hobbling around afterwards. Maybe they’re finally getting used to the distance.

All in all a good sign!

And I just completed my third make up fast. Just ten more! Woohoo to make up! And the days are short!