Yesterday I just got another rejection from a publisher out west for my controversial teen novel.

That in itself is of course not remarkable. What was remarkable, was that it was a FORM rejection!

And this after a number of interesting phone calls back and forth, and after I’d been considerate enough to include a copy of WANTING MOR in with the package.

I mean the editor could at least have taken the time to send me a personal letter thanking me for the book.

I haven’t had a form rejection for years.

It sure felt like a step backwards, and yet today, I hear some terrific news.

Sophie Blackall, the fantastic illustrator of my book Big Red Lollipop, let me know that she was tickled pink to learn that this new project of the Broolyn Public Libraries called Drawn in Brooklyn has featured the cover of Big Red Lollipop on huge posters they’ve put up all over the New York subway system.

You can also check out her blog entry! I love that she tried to speculate on what the inevitable defacement will be!

To think that the cover of  our book is grinning out at Newyorkers is a real coup!

I do kind of believe that old saying if you can make it there (in New York) you can make it anywhere.

And speaking of New York, I was informed by my editor, that Big Red Lollipop is receiving a review in none other than the New York Times!!!

The review is going to appear in the Nov. 7th issue, but unfortunately I’ll be traveling by then. Probably won’t see it till I get back on Nov. 25th.

You can bet this news sure took the sting out of the form rejection!

Believe me, this is a very big deal!

It’s too soon to wonder if this is the book that will put me on the map.

You know you keep hoping, with each book, that this will be it. And then you just continue on because you have to, the process is what keeps life interesting!

But you do want people to notice…eventually.

Could this be it?

First the starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, then the Fuse 8 fantastic review, and now this.

We’ll see.

But honestly, what will be, will be, and I’m already fretting on these new projects. Trying to decide which publisher to send that other project to now.

Maybe when I get back from the Hajj, there’ll be another rejection waiting for me. I just hope it’s not a form rejection.

Oh I should warn anyone who thought of commenting, that I’ve disabled comments.

Tired of wading through 50+ a day of spam, so if you have any comments please just email me them. And if you want me to post them, I will.