I learned that today.

Seems I was writing a serial.

A serial is where the order of the episodes is important, where it’s a story continued. Think like a soap opera.

A series is where each episode can stand on its own.

Still learning, still working, and just when things look depressing, you get a breakthrough. But then that’s life, or so it seems.

At least they liked what I sent them.

But what really occurs to me is that this is going to be a LOT of fun!

The possibilities are endless!

Basically a small cast of characters, I’ve got about six regulars, and then incoming and recurring characters. My own little ensemble cast.

And I’m still working on the sequel. Finally figured out something today. I let it get a bit too complicated.

And when I simplified it a bit, it’s much much better.

When I used to write, I always used to write something that I would learn from as well.

But in the process it means I’m not that interested in petty rivalries and insults.

Is it possible to get too well adjusted? So that you don’t have these issues you’re dealing with, and yet these are the kinds of things that most people can relate to?

I know a science fiction writer who was a real philosopher and really enjoyed exploring different possibilities when it came to societal structures in his fiction. Problem was he couldn’t make a living at it.

I’m wondering if it wasn’t because he’d ‘outgrown’ his audience.

Most people reading science fiction in particular are interested in action, and technology and how it can effect the anthropology of society, I guess. At least that’s what I was interested in when I was going through my science fiction phase.

But there never were minorities much in science fiction. The only ones I ever encountered back in the day were in books by Andre Norton.

And everybody always assumes they’ll be speaking English out there in space.

Tomorrow’s my family’s Eid party and I made a big pot of samia and a big pan of baked chicken and a whole bunch of pine tarts.

I was up till 2 am last night putting them together. Unfortunately the pastry didn’t come out as good as last time, but they’re still not bad and if I don’t say anything, I’m sure my family won’t notice.

And then on Sunday I have an information session for Hajj right after I have to work down at the Telling Tales festival in Rockton (near the African Lion Safari).

I’m looking forward to the pilgrimage. Still can’t believe it’s almost upon me.

I think I’ll take a notebook and make a diary of every day.