A lot!

Haven’t blogged for a while because of so much happening!

First of all, on Friday, my oldest daughter gave birth to my fourth grandchild, a little girl who’s the spitting image of her, when she was born more than a quarter century ago!

I held the wee thing yesterday when we went over to see her, drop off some hearty beef barley soup, and see for ourselves whether my daughter was doing fine. She was. My son in law took good care of her.

Oh to see him, this tall, angular Afghan, holding his daughter along one fore arm, and smiling down into her face. Oh the moment was precious!

And if that weren’t enough, I’ve embarked on a perilous ‘journey’ into the wild world of script writing.

So far the learning curve has been smooth and not too fraught with pirates, but that may change.

Perhaps I’ve learned more in the past few days than I have in the last six months. An opportunity has presented itself that’s too good to pass up, and since I’ve always been a believer in going through a door that opens, and then trusting in God, I’ve accepted the challenge.

When I told my husband I might very well fall flat on my face, he answered, without hesitating, “Well it won’t be the first time.”

I’m sure he meant to be encouraging, in that I had fallen flat on my face and then gotten up and been successful afterwards, but that’s not how it came out.

When I was first starting out, I heard of a lady who was writing her first novel. She hadn’t finished it, but since she’d heard that it often took a while to get a publisher interested she thought she’d send out some queries and then work on the novel while she waited to hear back. In her queries she included the first few chapters of her work in progress.

Within a few days she heard back, from two very big publishers, demanding, almost begging to read the rest!

A dream come true, right?

Not necessarily.

Now she had to finish it.

She never did.

The fear of success was too much for her.

I wonder if she’s ever gotten published.

It’s like a deer in the headlights moment. Freeze! And I guess it’s just as disastrous with regards to one’s hopes and dreams.

This is where faith can come in.

And the idea of pre-destination.

I believe that my success, or lack thereof, is already written for me. So there are no wrong turns.

And when an opportunity presents itself, all you have to do is don’t freeze, step forward and keep going and what was written for you, will come to pass.

Your job is to make the effort, and trust in God.

And I also believe in rizq. That is the providence of God. That whatever wealth and success is destined for you, no one in the world can prevent your receiving it, and if the whole world were to get together to give you something that wasn’t in your destiny, then they could not do so without God’s will.

So why be jealous of another person? They’re only receiving their rizq.

The idea brings great comfort to me.

If it weren’t for this idea, this opportunity that has presented itself might have otherwise proven quite overwhelming.

I might have been that deer in the headlights. Terrified.

Right now, I’m just a bit nervous.

And that’s good.

Nervousness means you respect your audience. It means you’re facing a challenge, and challenging your art, is always a good thing.