Not sure why for the last couple of nights I haven’t been able to sleep well.

That usually happens when I’ve got to get up early in the morning.

Not the case now!

I can get up when I want and yet still I find my eyes opening around 7 am. after a rough and tumble night’s tossing.

Lots of ideas! Just got an idea of how to incorporate that trip I went on to South Dakota, where I researched all the spots that Crazy Horse fought in battles, into what could be a really fantastic novel!

It’s got me excited!

But first things first. Got to finish the sequel, speaking of which, I had lots of ideas on that too.

The characters are intriguing me! They keep surprising me–a good sign.

I think authors need to keep an open mind and on top of all kind of psychological information.

I’ve been watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy while I’m walking the 3 miles every day on the treadmill and got to the part where Gollum is arguing with himself about whether to be faithful to Frodo. Classic split personality. One of the things Jackson added to the story that wasn’t there in the original, but so totally belongs.

There’s another show that I used to watch frequently–not so much lately because it’s gotten kind of hokey. But it started out so sharp and intelligent.

It’s called Lie to Me, and stars Tim Roth in a Paul Ekman type role. If you don’t know who Paul Ekman is, read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. He’s featured in there! (That’s just one reason to read Blink, there are many many more! Great book!)

Paul Ekman is a pioneer in reading microexpressions and telling if people are lying by them.

I’m sure even as I write this that politicians are educating themselves on these telltale signals.

Unfortunately there’s not much they can do about them. They’re too natural and seem to be built in. A good reason just not to lie, if you ask me.

I was watching that Iranian scientist talking about his experience and from the little I’ve gleaned from the show, he seemed to be telling the truth.

And then I watched Hilary Clinton’s press conference. Did you notice that everytime she talked about the scientist being free to go back home she raised her eyebrows like she was surprised?

Now I’m no expert in Ekman’s methodology, but I do remember an episode of the show where that was a classic sign of lying.

Just a few things that have been mulling around in my crowded cranium and preventing me from sleeping well.

Oh well, time to get some shut eye. Got some great ideas for tomorrow’s morning writing stint!