That’s about as much Italian as I know! But I’m assured there’ll be a translator.

At least I’ve worked with one before. It was in Mexico, and his name was Pepe. The best thing about him was that not only did he translate simultaneously as I spoke, he was able to infuse emotion into it.

I hope my Italian translators will be as good.

All the details have been pretty much finalized in terms of itinerary. I’ll arrive in Rome on the morning of June 17th, spend the day sightseeing. There are really only two things I absolutely want to see: the colosseum and the Sistine chapel.

Then the morning of the 18th I board a train to go to Bologne where I’m to give a talk at an event. Then again on train I go down to Rimini and spend three days there at the conference where I’ll be launching the Italian version of Wanting Mor. Oh, they called it Cenerentola a Kabul, which basically means Cinderella in Kabul.

I’ve read so much about Roman history. I remember a history professor once saying that you should always read history as if you’re going to visit the places one day.

I just hate to leave my mother. She’s still not strong. She’s a real trooper and my father has been taking excellent care of her, better than anyone imagined, but I know she wants me to come down for a couple of days before I go, so I will.

And the traveling couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’m so traveled out.

Why do these trips tend to bunch up together?

After a few months hanging around the house, it’s nice to have a bit of a break and go on the road. But this???

Oh I’m looking forward to Italy, of course.

I can’t help being excited about it, but I just wish the timing were better.

I get back to Toronto at 2:30 on the afternoon of the 21st and then have to do a workshop in Mississauga (on the far side of Toronto) at 8:15 in the morning of the 22nd!

What was I thinking???

Patience. Only three more days of presentations left for June.

I’ll be able to rest very soon, insha Allah.

Oh. Bedtime!