I started some of my Eid shopping early. Went to one of those big warehouses that have discount toys and books.

The toys don’t interest me much, but the books…

I picked up a classic Pride & Prejudice for that niece of mine who was struggling through Wuthering Heights.

And I picked up some books for my grandchildren! Baby books made of stiff cardboard for my little button who was born two weeks ago!

Other books for my three year old missy, and some boy concept books for the little man who just turned one.

And then I saw a book by D, an author I referred to as the ‘Anti-Linda Smith’.

It was selling for $2.00, how could I resist?

I felt more than a little schadenfreude to see it selling so cheap. It means it was remaindered. But the fact that it was in paperback, meant huge sales nevertheless and the fact that it was the only book of D’s there… well, she must be incredibly successful.

I wanted to hate it! I wanted to discover that her skill had slipped.

And I know I sound petty and childish. But I can’t help it.

Oh, how the memories came flooding back. Reading her work in raw form.  The rhythm, the cadence, the word play!

She really is brilliant!


I could never write like her! I don’t write her kind of books.

But nevertheless, skill is skill. And her skill is amazing.

I’ll put that book with my stash of new baby gifts. I’m sure someone will love it!