A while ago some scientists did an experiment on putting some people in a kind of earth dome where they were sealed in and had to grow their own food and live off what they could produce. It was its own little microcosm and unfortunately pretty soon food began to run short.

People lived on a near starvation diet.

What the scientists found though is that with less food, the people actually grew healthier. Even though they were not eating nearly enough for what was considered healthy maintenance. Apparently this type of eating reduces the wear and tear on our bodies’ cells.

I think most Muslims feel pretty self-conscious about the things the Prophet (peace be upon him) said but I’m repeatedly surprised at the accuracy of what he prescribed for healthy living.

He said there was medicinal benefits to honey. That’s been proven true.

He said that when you drink a glass of water, take at least three sips because otherwise drinking it too heavily will hurt your liver. I haven’t heard that one proved as yet, but it sounds plausible to me.

This one had left me feeling most self-conscious because it’s so counter-intuitive. He said that if a fly lands in your drink, use a spoon and submerge it before taking it out, because on one of the fly’s wings is a disease and on the other wing is its cure, so if you submerse it, you will neutralize the harm.  That has been proven true!

And with regard to eating, he said, take a morsel now and then to keep your back straight, but if you must eat then fill your stomach one third with food, one third with water and leave one third for air.

I think this plan of eating may be as hard to follow as the starvation diet that those experimental people found themselves using.

But I’m going to give it a try.

Today I’ve been eating morsels all day as I felt my ‘spine weakening’.

So far so good. I actually feel more energetic than I usually do.

We’ll see how it goes.