Just got news from the fabulous folks at Allen & Unwin, the Australian/New Zealand publisher of Wanting Mor that they’re reprinting before the book has even come out! (They’ve renamed it Jameela)

It seems a distributor ordered 3700 copies.

Wanting Mor came out in North America only last May, and it’s already going into a second printing here!

I wonder if this is it. If this is the one that will be my ‘breakout’ book.

If any book does it, this might indeed be the one.

Some of the most conservative Muslims I know have loved it and so have my more secular friends (including a Zionist/feminist friend and a gay friend of mine). Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!

Every author wants their work to be widely read  (and loved), but I’d settle for widely read.

Sometimes I daydream that one of the books will really take off. Maybe this is it.

So to celebrate, I’ll be sending an autographed copy of the Australian Flap cover to the first twenty people who email me.

It’s a striking cover! Imagine it up in your bedroom, classroom or library!

And if it does make it big, hey, it might even be worth a fortune on ebay!

My email is rukhsana @ rukhsanakhan.com