I know I’ve been scarce in terms of blogosphere and that is always good news in some ways because it means the writing of fiction is going well!

Alhamdu lillah, it is.

I’m working on two projects and strangely enough one makes me laugh and the other makes me cry.

They kind of balance each other out.

I had some trouble with my email recently.

Couldn’t access it from my desktop only my phone which meant I couldn’t do the myriad business things I have to do as an author, couldn’t send invoices, couldn’t read pdf’s of upcoming  engagements, stuff like that.

But alhamdu lillah all that’s been resolved.

I had been working hard on a project dear to my heart but because of all the tech stuff I spent a day not able to access my Word program and that particular project, so… I cracked open the other one. The one that makes me laugh, really guffaw, a bit like a hyena!


Even as I write this I’m chuckling.

I know though that some people in my life would not approve. One person dear to me is always warning me about jumping from project to project like a rabbit nibbling patches of clover.

And to a certain point I agree.

Multi-tasking is not very efficient, they have found that to be true.

And yet…

How fresh I feel!

My stories are usually either incredibly sad or rib-ticklingly funny. I’d been working on the sad one so long it was quite refreshing to be able to laugh.

And then I remembered something rather interesting. Way back, about ten years ago, this is how I wrote. I would work on one project till I got stuck on it and felt tired, and then I’d switch to another until I got stuck on that and went back to the first project.

The point I’m trying to make is each artist has to find whatever works for them. No two artists have the same process and it’s okay to do things differently as long as you’re making progress.

In fact I’m so excited there’ve been some days I’ve worked on both projects!

Now that’s burning the candle on both ends!

I just hope that come September I have a lot, insha Allah, to show for it!