That terrorist attacks have become less shocking recently?

When I heard about the Berlin Christmas market attack on Monday, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh no!’, the second think I thought was ironically, it had been a while.

Like it was almost expected one would come. And the third thing I wondered was how many dead.

Like our outrage will depend on that factor. And then I thought, Subhan Allah.

And I hated myself for thinking that.

So I read about  the eye witness accounts and I deliberately imagined the horror of the blood and the broken bones and the carnage, because I don’t want to ‘normalize’ this in any way.

Every time it happens, no matter how many times it happens, it is horrible.

For the twelve people who were killed I mourn them and I pray for them.

And I prayed that we would have peace.

I’m afraid for the world but I still hope we have peace.

I’m in the midst of a fascinating project right now, and I was looking for the verse in the Quran where God says, “Do not kill yourselves for verily I have been merciful!”

I can see the verse so clearly from last time I read it. It was on the right side of the page in the Yusuf Ali translation I read during Ramadan, and I thought I’d marked it but I couldn’t find it yet. I’ll ask my hubby to, he’s good at that kind of thing.

But in the looking I found other verses that seems appropriate where God says that “No misfortune can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before We bring it into existence: That is truly easy for God: In order that you may not despair over matters that pass you by, nor exult over favours bestowed upon you for God loves not any vainglorious boaster…” (Quran 57:22-23)

This verse is beautiful: Chapter 29 vs. 10: “Then there are among men such as say, “We believe in God” but when they suffer affliction in the cause of God, they treat men’s oppression as if it were the Wrath of God! And if help comes to thee from thy Lord, they are sure to say, “We have always been with you!” Does not God know best all that is in the hearts of all Creation?”

They treat men’s oppression as if it were the wrath of God.

Exactly. When people do things to them, they blame God for it instead.

The older I get the more I realize that in and of themselves, one person can’t do anything. They need a following to really carry out dark designs.

Hitler was only one person. The other Germans could have stopped him, but he spoke smooth words that appealed to them so they supported him. Just like Trump.

People know he’s horrible, but what he says appeals to something inside them so they support him.

I really hope it doesn’t take a massacre for people to wake up.

And if there is a massacre on the scale of the holocaust or even smaller, is it God’s fault or is it ours for going along with him?

I’d say it was ours.

Because despite the power of peer pressure, we all have a brain to weigh right and wrong, and we don’t have to acquiesce to the group think.

I uploaded another video to my youtube channel that seems to be appropriate under the circumstances. Here it is:

Not Guilty