Just days after they laid Muhammad Ali to rest, a 29 year old American named Omar Mateen shot up a gay nightclub killing 49 people.

How could anyone do such a thing???

Just when things are getting calm, something like this happens.

I try not to think of it because whenever I do, tears well up, and I’m fasting and already dehydrated enough. I can’t afford to lose more water.

Oh Allah have mercy.

I’ve been immersing myself in Quran. Lots and lots of Quran. It always helps put things in perspective.

And it makes me feel grateful because no matter how tumultuous the world is getting, alhamdu lillah, things are good with myself and my own family situation.

I can pray for the world, I can pray for the victims. And I can work to tell stories that try to make sense out of it all, and urge others towards a better world view.

That’s about it.

A friend puts it bluntly, ‘Just because the world’s going nuts, doesn’t mean you have to.’

Destroying my own mental health isn’t going to help the situation any. Instead it’s time to lean in, plod on. Patience. Perseverance. God loves those who patiently persevere.