Thing about this field is that I’m ALWAYS learning things!

Just when I think I’ve kind of figured things out, I will go ahead and learn something new.

Like just a few days ago, I did two afternoon presentations.

I thought afternoon presentations would be easier. I’m starting to get anxiety when I have to get up early these days!

Just tackling Toronto traffic, and the worry of getting to the venue on time means I have trouble sleeping the night before.

The presentations themselves are a piece of cake!

Anyway, I did two afternoon presentations and I realized why so many schools book me for the mornings.

Kids are fresher in the morning!

One of the presentations was for kindergarteners, and it was the end of the day.

In Ontario we have full day kindergarten and as a result these little tiny kids are at school from nine in the morning. Poor little things, some are so young!

I decided long ago to never take it personally if a kid dozes off during a presentation.

I told myself, maybe they need the sleep more than they need to hear my stories.

So when I saw this little boy starting to sway, and his eyes starting to close, I thought, oh well, can’t catch everyone.

But when more started keeling over, I got really disappointed.

I think there were a total of about twelve little kindergarteners, who gradually drooped to the gymnasium floor, and fell fast asleep, in the middle of Silly Chicken and Big Red Lollipop.

And I thought, Yup, no wonder they book me for the mornings. I will stop complaining about that from now on.

At the end of the presentation, as the teachers were waking up the sleepy heads, one of the teachers came up to me and said, “You were awesome!”

I was so surprised. And I said, “But I put them to sleep!”

And she said, “That’s because you’re a wonderful storyteller. You have a very soothing voice.”

And I looked at her astonished. And I said, “Okay. I’ll take that.” Sure. I put them to sleep because I’m so good.


But honestly I think I’d rather see them in the mornings from now on.