I can’t believe Ramadan is almost over.

In about four hours we will begin celebrating Eid ul Fitr (the celebration of charity (fitr))

I’ve been working for weeks getting the house and all the FOOD ready!

Omigosh, the freezer is bursting at the seams, and I had to remove the vegetable drawer to make room in the fridge.

Muslims really know how to eat, and this year I’m hosting Eid!

This morning at Fajr prayer, I was thinking about Ramadans and Eids past, and even though I didn’t accomplish all my spiritual goals this year, I still feel a little recharged and will just have to continue the process outside of Ramadan.

Many years ago my sister, her husband and me and my husband had a fledgling Eid card business. We tried to make a business out of it, but the cards we tended to like are not flashy, not shiny, simple nice photographs.

They were beautiful cards, I still think so, but the business did not do well and though we learned a lot, we didn’t really make a lot of money.

Not surprising, I was the one who composed the messages inside and I came up with something I thought was pretty clever.

In the Quran, in surah Inshirah, God says: ‘After every hardship there is ease. Verily, after every hardship there is ease.”

And it’s funny because people’s perspective is the other way around. That after enjoyment comes suffering. That nothing good will last. But God’s perspective is the other way around. That He will give us ease after every hardship.

Well anyway, I got the idea to write a little jingle in the Eid cards saying:

After every hardship there is ease

And after Ramadan

There is Eid

I liked it. And other people also commented on it.

Okay, so years go buy, the business goes defunct, and I don’t know how many Eids later, I get a card from one of my husband’s cousins. Unlike the cards we produced it’s shiny, got some gold glitter stuff on it, and I open it up and there’s my jingle:

After every hardship there is ease

And after Ramadan

There is Eid

Woh! I thought! They stole my jingle!

And for the briefest of moments I thought of tracking them down and slapping them with a lawsuit!

And then rationality returned. And I looked at it from a different perspective.

God is All Knowing, All Seeing. He knows what they did, and if I overlook this, He will reward me. It will come back to me, in one way or another.

And honestly, if that little jingle gives someone joy, I’ll be rewarded for it, for God keeps account of all things.

It’s all good.

Never wanted to be a card jingle writer anyway.

So it’s all good.

So peace to all those who read these words!

Whether you’re Muslim or not, may the Blessings of Eid touch your heart with the lightness of being!

Peace out!