I finished reading this little gem of a book a little while ago, and some of the themes are still reverberating within me.

It’s about 9/11 from the perspective of a boy named Jake who lives in Florida.

His best friend is Sam.

And I thought the story evoked a lot of nuances between the two characters.

The thing is, I always cringe when I think of books about 9/11.

Somehow it still feels so raw.

When I read a book I don’t want to be reminded of something so horrific.

But this book was a good read.

I’m planning on including on my Muslim Children’s Booklist as an excellent title that explores the ramifications of 9/11.

At first it kind of jarred me that it was written from a mainstream point of view. But I’m starting to believe that this kind of perspective is a lot easier on the eye, when reading.

A Muslim perspective of the events always seems to come across as so defensive. Which is understandable, and yet off-putting.

Definitely check it out!