And alhamdu lillah it feels so good!

Getting up at a reasonable time (around 9 am) not having to rush to shower and have breakfast, even pottering around a bit before having breakfast and starting the day’s writing.

It’s been so tricky working on this project. I’ve had to stop and start so many times, and each time I come back to the project I have to reacquaint myself with it to get back into the flow.

That’s the problem with doing a lot of presentations.

They’re incredibly tiring!

But alhamdu lillah, I’m not complaining. Not at all!

I’m so fortunate that I even have this problem at a time when many authors are struggling to make a living.

The Writer’s Union of Canada even did a survey and it seems that authors’ incomes have fallen in the last fifteen years so that most authors are living under the poverty line.

Alhamdu lillah, I’m doing just fine!!!!

But the cool thing is coming back to the project and getting kind of impressed with some of the scenes, and coming at it so fresh, it doesn’t even feel as though I wrote them.

I really hope I can finish this project soon, even within the next few weeks before Ramadan.

I have so many projects I want to write and with the Artist in Library residency starting again this fall at Downsview Public Library, I’m thinking I won’t have much time this fall to write, so this summer is it.

I even put in my garden.

There is such a satisfying feeling once the flowers  you’ve purchased are safely in the flower beds, all tucked in with a good dose of fertilizer and mulch.

I kind of feel like I’m getting my own fertilizer and mulch in terms of my creative process.

Feel ready to grow, and blossom and bloom over the summer insha Allah! I can only hope!