Alhamdu lillah, trying to wrap up a number of projects that have been dragging and lagging, competing for my attention but I’ve been so busy with other commitments that I’ve been interrupted on their progress.

Got a bit of time now and hope to actually get them done.

And when that happens, it’s the blogging that suffers.

I’m finding that the writing is changing now.

Before I’d just burst it out.

Now I actually see certain scenes that I need to write, in my mind, and I take my time, knowing insha Allah, they’ll be there when I want to commit them to paper.

The critic in the back of my mind has been busy!

He’s been rocking back and forth, furiously, muttering discouragement. Oh the things he says! Not worth repeating!

And I’ve been trying not to inflate the projects too much, just saying I’m just writing something a little decent, to shut him up.

Hasn’t always worked.

It feels like a long time since I published a ‘book’ book.

My booklet with the Well Aware series at Pearson should be coming out soon insha Allah, and I’m really proud of it! But it’s not a ‘book’ book.

And I’m just in the process of wrapping up another project for an educational publisher. But again, not a ‘book’.

These projects were well worth doing though.

They kind of reconnected me to the joys of smaller projects.

And because they’ll get out into the schools a lot (I hope), then hopefully it’ll make the kids aware of my work and the teachers too, and they’ll start looking for it more.

I still feel it’s been a struggle just getting noticed here in Canada. They seem to ‘get’ me more in the States.

But it’s been really nice being able to make a good living, alhamdu lillah.

No complaints here!