Had a fascinating conversation with a librarian today!

That’s not surprising of course! Librarians tend to be great thinkers and it’s almost more unusual NOT to have a fascinating conversation with them!

But what was intriguing was the consensus we both came to.

She, a devout Catholic, me a practicing Muslim, we talked about how people who do their best to adhere to their religious principles can sense and respect that in other people of other faiths!

She’s not the first person like this that I have felt this kindred spirit with! I’ve met many many religious people from different backgrounds and just meeting them, coming together in common faith, even though it wears different guises, is a powerful experience for me!

And for her!

She talked about how religious people who are really consciously trying–not the hypocrites or trouble makers–can sense that air of effort in other religious people in other faiths! And it’s kind of a common bond between us!

And she said something that is so true! She said sometimes you can feel closer to religious people in another faith than you do to people within your own faith community!


There are sincere people in all faiths and hypocrites and trouble makers in all faiths, and yes, sincere people of one faith can definitely better relate to sincere people in another, more than they can relate to the trouble makers in their own group!!!

And it’s a point where we’re not trying to convert each other!!! Not at all. We’re at points in our lives where we’re content with our faiths, for the solace it gives us, and we can sense it in others when we come across it!

And we embrace each other, like we’re a sisterhood and leave each other to discover God’s grace in our own myriad ways.

Knowing that we’re each of us working for the betterment of humanity, in our own diverse ways. We have different names for our faith, and we follow different dogma, rituals and beliefs, but inside we’re not that different at all!

Maybe I’m rambling here, not sure. But it was a lovely moment! Hugging this dear lady who is only doing her best to serve God in her own way, as am I, and knowing that we’ve done some good for some children!

The older I get the more I know that people have their own paths to God. And I recall that ayat (verse) in the Quran which says do not argue with people, on the Day of Judgment, God will explain the differences between us.

The objective is not conversion.

Nope. Nope! Nope!

It’s not even agreement, because our faiths have existed for thousands of years and we have not been able to come to agreement on things.

The idea is to foster respect and tolerance.

And that is definitely achievable!

And eminently desirable!

There is no compulsion in matters of faith!

And may God guide us and bless us all according to the best of our deeds!