When the writing gets better, the blog will suffer.

I’m working hard these days, and it’s so exciting that it’s very hard to concentrate on writing something here.

What I would suggest for all the new folks who’ve been joining the feed is to check out some of my older posts. I have a pretty big archive and there are a lot of good posts (if I say so myself) in there.

One thing I try never to do is to repeat myself.

But I did think I should post tonight because…drum roll…it’s official!

KING FOR A DAY is officially released!

And it’s already received some nice fanfare.

Over at the Fantastic children’s literature blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Julie Danielson talks about King for a Day.

And Kirkus gave it a starred review that you can read here: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/rukhsana-khan/king-for-a-day/

It also got a starred review from School Library Journal! Yay!!! And… it was a pick of the day!

You can read that review here: http://www.slj.com/2013/11/reviews/pick-of-the-day/pick-of-the-day-king-for-a-day/#_

So it’s very very good!

And it’s really nice when the heads of organizations are contacting you, making sure that your new book is submitted for consideration of their honors!

We’ll see. Insha Allah something good will come of it.

It definitely seems that I’m on people’s radar now!

Only took about 25 years of writing! Alhamdu lillah.