So I guess the Delhi belly phenomenon took a while to hit me, because I didn’t get it till the second last day of this whirlwind tour, here in Pune.

Delhi belly is basically vomiting and diarrhea. The runs, you name it.

Started with a general feeling of queasiness yesterday morning, and by the time it was time for my session at 3:30 in the afternoon, I was really ill.

Felt like the dog’s breakfast.

Just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep…but the show must go on.

I normally stand for the presentation, but the concession I made was I sat.

People couldn’t even tell I felt so awful.

I think the adventure in Amritsar caught up to me, and the general exhaustion.

Because even as I was making my way back to the hotel, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I burst into tears.

That usually only happens when I’m absolutely exhausted.

I get totally weepy. Like a blubbering child.

I think that was the worst part of it all. And of course the organizers were totally wonderful, so solicitous, and me all flushed one minute, and shivering with chills the next.

It was a rough night! But alhamdu lillah, I woke up feeling better.

It’s funny how in my travel purse I have basically ever non-prescription medication you might need.

Never had to use the gravol and imodium as much as I had to use them over the past day and a half!

What a life saver!

And this morning, the organizers kept telling me that I didn’t have to push myself, it would be fine if I cut it short. She even said I could skip some parts, but the problem is the way the presentation has developed, every bit is necessary to get to the finale.

It wouldn’t work half so well if I skipped some parts.

I was scared, really nervous of how strong I’d be, but once I got started, I found myself feeling just fine.

But still pretty soon after my session was done I took advantage of the car going back to the hotel so I could come to my room and rest.

Not doing that last session would have been getting within inches of a finish line and not crossing over it.

It just felt wrong.

I’m so glad I was able to do it.

I know that the organizers of Bookaroo as well as Duckbill, my publisher, invested an incredible amount of resources in bringing me here, so to not finish…

The press coverage has been phenomenal!

Wow! What a big splash Bookaroo has made! It keeps growing and growing, with other cities expressing interest in hosting it.

And Wanting Mor has made quite the splash here!

I’m so glad.

I’ve done my part, but boy, am I ready to come home!

Tomorrow it’s an early flight back to Delhi then a whirlwind tour of the Taj Mahal, and then back to the airport for the homebound journey.

I must confess I’m looking forward to going home.

Over and out in Pune.