I’ve been wondering how it would change the way I saw the books I looked up to, many of which are on that same list.

Like I wondered how I’d feel about The Snowy Day or The True Story of the Three Little Pigs or Curious George or Where the Wild Things Are.

I mention these because they’re all picture books I’ve loved and cherished and read over and over again to my kids and now my grandkids.  And you know how I feel?

Not a bit different.

I still look up to them. I still stand in awe of them as accomplishments of storywriting!

Nothing has changed and yet, within me, everything has changed.

I finally do feel like I’ve ‘made’ it.

There’s a quietness, a calmness to me that wasn’t here before the announcement.

If only I had a moment’s peace to enjoy it.

Three years ago I was on the journey of a lifetime, the Hajj, planning to pray for the success of my books and the ball began rolling even before I got to Arafat.

I had the news of the New York Times choosing Big Red Lollipop as one of their top ten picture books of the year.

That was big! No doubt about it!

But this is just in a completely different category!

And now one of my daughters is on the Hajj and between one of my other daughters and I we’re taking care of her three children, so insha Allah, we’ll get rewarded right alongside her!

The two grandkids I’m taking care of are the oldest.

You’d think they’d be the easiest, and in some ways they definitely are.

They’re almost seven and four years old, sister and brother, respectively. And I have my hands very very full!

It’s exhausting!

I’ve forgotten how much energy it takes to take care of them! It’s been so long since my own were that age!

But they’re lovely, and yeah, I’m trying to get my writing done and business taken care of, but this has reminded me how much sacrifice it takes to do the thankless job of caring for children.

It sure aint glamorous!

Writing and being an author is SO much easier! 😉

But oh well, it’s only for another few weeks insha Allah. May Allah subhanahu wata ala bring their parents back safe, with their hajjs accepted, and their prayers answered ameen.

And now I really should hit the sack!

The little critters wake up bright and early and tomorrow I’ll have to get up early with them as hubby (who’s the morning person) will be at work.

So God bless and good night.