فراخوان چهارمین رضوی انگلیسی کم حجم (2)

I received this notice in several different languages from the organizers of the Kanoon festival that I attended last February in Tabriz, Iran.

They asked me to spread the word.

If you can’t read it, it says the festival is being held on the 14-15th of September, this year in Isfahan.

Anyone interested should mail a CD or DVD in high quality of the story they want to perform.

Basically the deadline for submissions is August 6.

The Review committee will announce the final selection on 16th of August.

The Festival committee will invite the selected people and grant them awards.


The storytellers will primarily tell their stories at the festival in Isfahan and then travel to Mashhad to pilgrimage and do some sightseeing

The participants will be accommodated in Isfahan from the inauguration of the festival to the closing date.

The selected storytellers will be invited to attend the closing ceremony in Mashhad.

The festival will pay for the participants’ accommodations, travel and receiption throughout the festival and the attendants at the closing ceremony will be subsidized to travel to Mashhad.

All the foreign participants have to travel to Iran one or two days before and after the festival.

The themes of the Stories:

Stories about Imam Reza’s life carrying some moral for children and young adults

Stories about following Imam Reza’s lifestyle and its impact on human behaviour and life

Stories about Imama Reza’s miracles

Stories about Imam Reza’s position in Iranian culture and in other countries’ cultures

Stories about Imam Reza’s family and his relatives

Max. 20 minutes

For more information, just email me and I’ll send it to you.