No matter where anyone stands on the carnage in Syria, the refugee situation in the neighboring countries is desperate.

Women and children who are innocent victims just trying to run from slaughter.

I’ve been reticent to donate up till now because I wasn’t sure of the people working on the projects over there, but with my brother, a family physician going there with medicine and humanitarian relief supplies, I am certain that 100% of the money will reach the needy (and not make its way into any sort of terrorists’ hands!)

I’ve asked him to set up a literacy program for me and will be giving him some funds to do so.

I urge all my readers to do what you can!

My brother is very reliable!

This is my brother’s press release:










Canadians Helping Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Subject: Humanitarian Mission to Jordan – Syrian Refugee assistance

Dear all –

I wanted to let you know about our next exciting project – a group of five Canadians from Hamilton and Brantford areas to travel to Jordan on June 15 for a one week project to purchase and distribute humanitarian assistance to Syrian Refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan close to the Syrian border. The team includes my two kids – Saba Khan (age 17) and Hamza Khan (age 15).

This camp was designed for 50,000 persons but is home to more than 120,000. Conditions are overcrowded and deplorable.

We have a fundraising goal of $100,000 and will purchase non-food items (camp stoves, blankets, shoes, hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, feminine napkins, etc.) and participate in distribution to our target population – children, women and the elderly. We will also participate in clinical education to mothers with infants in the prevention, and treatment of malnutrition and infectious diarrhea, and basic first aid.

Our project is NON-DENOMINATIONAL but will be conducted through the CCRA registered Canadian Charity – Islamic Relief Canada (CCRA# 821896875RR0001) a professional and reputable NGO.

Please support our project either financially ( ) or by spreading the word.

Let’s show these people we care about them and pray for peace and for their quick return to their homes. With no end to the fighting in sight, they could be stuck there for years. We are hopeful that this mission will help make things a little more bearable for them in their suffering.

Please visit for information or how you can support us.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Raza Khan, MD, CCFP, FCFP