Last night I was laughing maniacally at the ridiculous slugfest that was the Ottawa Senators/Montreal Canadiens game.

The entire benches of both teams cleared. It was hilarious!

Tonight I’m not laughing any more.

In fact I was so down after the fourth goal that the Bruins scored against a beleaguered Reimer, that I undid all the good of my diet today and ate four Peek Frean cream-filled cookies!

It didn’t help that the Jays were down 7-0 on another sports channel.

In the past I always rejoiced when the Toronto teams collapsed and fell out of the running.

Watching your home team win a game is surprisingly similar to the feeling you get when a story is going very well!

And making a story go well is so much more work than watching a game!

So why wouldn’t you procrastinate with the work and just sit down and enjoy a game?

Same high right?

Well tonight I even made a dua that the Leafs would win and the Jays would win, and I was so doggone disappointed when they were both down.

But you know, the Jays rallied. Weird. Especially with how badly they’ve been playing lately!

But it was really the Leafs I wanted to win.

Oh well, one out of two isn’t that bad.

I’d like a win.

Some kind of win.

Feeling kind of low.

Anyway, got a presentation in the morning and my eyes are burning with allergies.

Gotta get some sleep.

Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.

But on the other hand, I’ve been sailing along pretty steady for quite some time. Maybe I was due for a low.