Every once in a while you go to a special school where they just…GET you!

Yesterday was just such a school.

The flavour the school hearkened back to gentler times. The kids were sweet! Not jaded in the least!

And the staff!

They had scheduled a pot luck multicultural luncheon for the day I was presenting and generously invited me to it.

There was Korean beef rubbing shoulders with Estonian bean salad and Finnish beet salad and vegetarian tofu with peas and Canadian bacon.

Everything cooked with love and brought in to share.

There was even a pile of seaweed packs and since I hadn’t had my sushi fix for a while, I picked one up.

And just the feeling of friendliness! So nice!

I’ve been to some schools where it’s almost as if the staff room is segregated.

The principal sat beside me during lunch. Someone might have introduced us, but I didn’t realize she was the principal. We just got to chatting away, then later, during the presentation in the library she was sitting at the side and I really thought she was just one of the other teachers.

I should have clued in when she was chatting with the librarian afterwards and decided to purchase 35 copies of Wanting Mor.

I promised to bring them the next day, I only had about twelve copies in the trunk of the car, and only today, when I was taking them over did I see her walk out of her office and duh, it finally dawned on me!

Just the loveliest loveliest lady! No wonder the atmosphere at the school was so warm and inviting!


And then the cutest thing! Two of the girls had approached me in the hall, after my presentation and asked to purchase copies of Wanting Mor.

I told them they could bring their money in today, and they both did!

And one of the girls handed me a ten dollar bill and some change, then she grinned, “I gave you an extra dollar, as a tip!”


Omigosh! It was so CUTE!

Never been tipped by a kid before!


In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been tipped!

Authors just don’t get tips. Not usually.

May God shower her with blessings!

May He shower all of them with blessings!

Expand their hearts and give them prosperity!

Oh, and speaking of expanded hearts, heard about the weirdest story lately!

Apparently the guy who had partnered up with that Dutch dude Geert Wilders, who had produced that offensive film about the Prophet (peace be upon him), his name is Arnoud Van Doorn, apparently became Muslim.

There’s a whole story about it here: http://www.miadhu.com/2013/04/local-news/former-dutch-islamophobe-arnoud-van-doorn-converts-to-islam/


Go figure!

I also heard that the Swiss guy who was so adamantly opposed to minarets in Switzerland, and was behind the movement to ban them, also became Muslim.

Go figure again!

Don’t know if it’s true, but if it is…just goes to show that Islam really is better than it’s portrayed.