I feel like screaming everytime I hear someone describe the Boston marathon bombers as ‘devout’ Muslims.

Devout Muslims don’t bomb anyone.

It’s ridiculous!

Just because a person attends a Friday prayer now and then, DOESN’T mean he’s devout!

Omigosh, it’s like saying a guy shows up for mass so he’s a saint!

And what’s with all the regurgitated picture books???

So you have one hit…Click Clack Moo, or Bear Snores On, or Scaredy Squirrel, and  you’ve got to spin it into umpteen HORRIBLE regurgitations?

I mean if they were any good…

But they’re NOT!

They’re horrible!

And they’re INSULTING!

I can just see the editorial meeting, “Hey, that was a hit, why not Click Clack Splash!, or Click Garumph Trot! And stick a horse in there!

Today the school I visited was having a Scholastic book fair and since I’m always looking for more picture books for the grandkiddies I asked the librarian who was conducting the book fair if there were any good picture books.

He gave me a look, like I was asking for too much.

I did find the latest regurgitation of Bear Snores On, called Bear Says Thanks!

Um…no thanks!

And then I saw the latest regurgitation of Scaredy Squirrel, where Scaredy goes Camping.

He should have stayed home!

Don’t the authors and the publishers have more respect for their audience?

This at a time when, yes, I’m struggling to find a story that will top Big Red Lollipop.

But does that mean I’ll cave and write a BIG BLUE LOLLIPOP? or a BIG YELLOW LOLLIPOP? You’ve got to be kidding!

Only if I could find a really legitimate GOOD story, I suppose, but honestly I haven’t even tried thinking of one.

Why, oh why, would I want to repeat myself???

I guess I’m like a lot of readers. I find an author I like and I go back and read ALL their books.

I remember the first Victoria Holt book I read was I think called Under the Seventh Moon or something like that. It was about this heroine who marries this count in Germany or Europe or something. It was pretty good, so I started reading other books of hers, then I found out she also wrote under Jean Plaidy and started reading those.

And you know what I found? Each story was the EXACT same heroine, just plunked into different situations.

Talk about regurgitations!

Same thing happened with Catherine Cookson!

And Jennifer Roberson who’d written some ridiculous fantasy series I read way back, but then it turned out she just recycled the same characters over and over again.

She’s one of the authors I blame for turning my back on fantasy!

I think authors should have integrity.

I think they should do the hard work and make each story an original!

Even if it’s a sequel!

Basically my aim when I write a successful book like Big Red Lollipop or Wanting Mor is to make the next book just as good but completely different!

And as for regurgitation…leave that to the birds!

Rant over.