The clouds parted and the sun shone down on the sky in valdez!

And my flight was able to not be cancelled!

Apparently today was the first day back from a two week long spring break. I wasn’t surprised at all that it was a bit chaotic!

Luckily a very nice local author drove me to the elementary school and got me something to eat, lent me her cell phone and her laptop and basically was just really really nice. Never did meet the lady who was actually in charge of my visit.

But I did meet plenty of nice people.

It was weird to actually see a blue sky, and after having a late lunch with a lovely lovely retired librarian who took for refreshments, I was positively squinting in the brightness as she took my picture out on the dock by the port of Valdez with this funny horn-shaped mountain that I can’t seem to remember the name of in the back ground. Oh yes! It was called Sugar Loaf mountain, and honestly it looked just like it had been dusted with icing sugar.

I was in a pretty desperate plight.

Staying in Valdez would put a real cramp in my presentation schedule.

I needed to be back here in Anchorage tonight so I could go to the local radio station and be interviewed on a very popular state-wide show called Talk of  Alaska tomorrow morning at 10 am.

The retired librarian said I should hold a map of Alaska in front of me and see where the calls from the students come in!

Sounds like fun!

The radio host, Mr. Heimel actually read WANTING MOR, so I’m curious as to what questions he comes up with!

But right now, I’m just tired.

A day of worrying is exhausting. And alhamdu lillah, it all worked out.

So far so good.