That’s what the snow looks like here in Valdez.

Saw a church yard where a snow blower had carved out a path, and the yard was piled about five feet high with snow and yup, it looked like a layer cake.

But you’ve got to admit there’s something amazing to be sitting at a restaurant table, eating your dinner, and out the window you can see the the boats on Port Valdez bobbing up and down on their moorings and you see a bald eagle fly away into the distance.

They have huge mountains of snow piled up behind some of the buildings. And the bus driver who drove us back to the hotel said this isn’t even the worst it’s been.

Apparent in the late 90’s they had 700 inches of snow one year.

But it’s warm.  Hovering right around the freezing mark. The snow was floating down in big flat flakes and the best thing about Valdez is the tap water. Not only can you drink it, it tastes almost  but not quite, sweet.

Apparently it wins awards or something like that.

It’s a ‘city’ of 4000 people. In the northern climes, that’s a sizable city.

Haven’t seen that much of the actual city though. If the snow would only let up.

It’s so misty I was looking out the front door of the hotel and thought I was looking at more cloud, and then realized there was bits of dark texturing. “That’s a mountain isn’t it?” I said pointing.

“Yes. There’s a mountain in that mistiness somewhere.” said my companion.

 And it wasn’t more than a few hundred feet away.

No wonder the planes aren’t flying.

I’m supposed to fly back to Anchorage on Monday night. Not sure if that’s going to happen though.

We’ll see.