*different* it is down here!

Completely different mindset!

The people are very friendly! They say ‘Good Morning!’ like they really mean it.

And one lady admired the color of my suit. Told me I looked lovely!

Heard a fascinating story from the Muslim cab driver who drove me here. And he said something interesting. He said, “Look, God meant that Iyou were supposed to miss the person who was supposed to pick you up. He meant that I would bring you!”

And he was right. But that said, he was ‘shocked’ when I said, “Jeez.” when I forgot something as I got into the cab.

He said, “That’s short for Jesus! I thought you were something else, not a Muslim when you said that!”

I’ve always just said that as a frustration word. Never even thought of it before.

Told him it didn’t mean that. It was just nothing. But he was clearly not convinced.

They really don’t take the Lord’s name in vain down here.

Other funny thing that happened was the receptionist asked if I was part of the Christian group who’d checked in.

Some of them must dress like me, I’m thinking.

Really really interesting place!

Cabbie said it’s a great place to raise a family.