On a trip like Iran and Qatar!

But all the experiences have been digested, thought through, replayed when necessary, and conclusions have been arrived at, in time for the next trip.

In about forty minutes I leave for Dallas, just for one night, to visit an Islamic school who put together the funds to invite me.

And yet I’m feeling all muddled up inside.

Yesterday I went to the masjid nearby for a janaza, a funeral prayer.

A friend of ours, I didn’t know her very well but she was always in the community and I met her lots and lots of times, her husband died peacefully on Saturday and they were having the janaza yesterday.

There’s been a few deaths recently within the family.

Always makes me think of my own demise.

And how whenever I see a baby born there’s a little voice in the back of my head that says, “And one day it will die.”

We work towards our deaths…always.

Each day takes us that much closer.

But my poor friend. She has a disabled son and her youngest is only seven years old. What a trial for her.

Brings tears to my eyes even as I type this.

May Allah make it easy for her, ameen.

The thought of death even affects my vitamin planning.

I take a LOT of vitamins.

And whenever I go on a trip, I count out each day’s worth, and while on the trip, the steady depletion of my stash tells me how close I am to going home.

But I never include the vitamins for when I’ll be home.

I figure if I die in a fiery crash, I won’t be needing them.

It’s a conscious thought each and every time.

And I always try to leave the house in its very best state.

Clean, tidy, organized for hubby and son.

Didn’t quite make it perfect this time around. Especially my desk.

I’m so messy!

Every once in a while I do tidy up but it’s hard.

Oh well, they say a messy desk is a sign of creativity.

Yup…that’s what I’m going with!

Should be back on Tuesday night insha Allah.

Never been to Dallas.

Keep thinking of J.R. Ewing, and then remembering that he died too.

At least Larry Hagman the guy who played him died.

But I remember Larry when he played the goofy astronaut in I Dream of Jeannie.

Funny how as a kid I never realized how totally racist that show really was!

But I’m rambling.

I should stop.

Insha Allah this trip will be easy too. At least I’m praying that it is.