If you would have told me that I’d be visiting the site of a Unesco world heritage site cathedral and monastery in Iran, I doubt I would have believed you.

That Australian lady Annie Stewart, being Catholic said that they tended to build these cathedrals on top of high mountains.

Walking up the paved path to the cathedral was definitely a steep climb! Reminded me a little of Yellow Mountain in China.

I LOVE old ancient buildings! I love the way the stones are set in the walls and the mortar has crumbled around them.

The church was originally established in the 9th century, and then rebuilt in the 14th and then the 16th.

Now there is a staff or workers refurbishing the ruins.

It’s very very beautiful!

At the back there’s a panel carved up high in the wall depicting a scene of him being stoned to death, and on the way to the back there was a raised area with seven longish stones in it that turned out to be the grave markers of cardinals. The guide said you could tell because of the staffs carved into them.

We drove along the winding Aras river to get there. Across the river, on the other side, was Azerbaijan (sp?)

We even saw soldier guards in green camouflage uniforms watching as our bus drove by.

Beautiful beautiful area! Oh the mountains and the gorges!

Took lots of pictures and will have to assemble them into a photo galery when I get back.

This is about as far north as you can go in Iran.


And the country grows all kinds of fruits! Bananas and apples and dates and you name it!

And the people are warm and friendly!

Oh the welcome they gave us!

Right now I’ve got to head down to the lobby to go for dinner.

Over and out.