That’s what one kid said to me yesterday.

She was in the grade five class and they’d actually come into the library to return books, but when their teachers hadn’t opted in for the Roses in my Carpets presentation, I decided to do an impromptu presentation for as many grade fives as I could fit in. There are thirteen classes at the Singapore American School, so I knew I wouldn’t get them all in in five days, but I got a fair number of them in.

But when I went into their lunch time by about five minutes, I apologized and this girl said, “Oh it was so worth it! Yesterday we had to stay five minutes in science to poke holes in eggs. This was so much better!”

I know it sounds crazy to do presentations that the hosts didn’t ask for, but then Roses is different.

I really wanted as many of the children to see it as possible. And plus I had chunks of time free, so I thought why not fill them.

But really, the real reason is because of ‘royalties’.

If any of those children do any charitable acts as a result of seeing that presentation, you can bet I’ll receive some rewards (‘royalties’) for having inspired them.

That’s really why I did it.

I can just hear my husband’s pragmatic voice in my ear. “What’s the big deal? If they only want to see Coming to Canada, why are you trying to FOIST The Roses in My Carpets on them? Just do what they ask you to do!”

And then the cutest little girl emails me telling me “I loved loved loved loved loved (x 100) your presentation you gave at Singapore American School! I thought it was awesome! “

And you know what? She said she and her friends are going to do a fund raiser to raise some money for the kids in the orphanage.

Yup. Chaching, Chaching, Padding my bank account for the hereafter!

The reaction from the teachers and students has been fantastic!

Oh, and the strangest thing happened!

Later this afternoon, I got to see two classes who’d already seen both presentations. I was able to do anything I wanted with them and the host librarian suggested I tell them a story.

But these guys had questions for me! Lots and lots of questions! Including “Do you lik e Cheese?” LOL

I interrupted their questions by telling them one of my favourite stories, “The Courage of Dajan Tigh, a Persian folktale. And then you know what happened? This one kid in particular asked a question. His speaking skills were hampered, and I knew he had some kind of educational issues but I never dreamed that he was actually autistic.

Quite autistic in fact! The librarian had thought he would spend the session wandering about in the back part of the room. This kid rarely engaged with ANYONE!

Not only did he sit quite still during the whole storytelling session, he asked me a coherent question, and then came up to me afterwards, greeted me and said good bye.

It was unheard of!

And knowing what I know about autistic kids (and yes, there are degrees to the syndrome) I still got goosebumps to think that I’d been able to have that sort of an impact on him! Masha Allah!

Feeling pretty high on accolades, masha Allah.

It’s just so nice to know that people get what I’m  doing!

And when you know they’re spending SO  much money to bring you so far! You sure don’t want any buyer’s regret!!!

Don’t think that’s a possibility at all, alhamdu lillah!