A month ago my father asked me if I was excited yet about going to Shanghai for ten days, and I  just gave him a perplexed look.

My parents have been all over the world.

They basically drove every place in North America that a car can go.

And when they got on in years they started taking cruises.

For their fiftieth wedding anniversary it was a big one! To Antarctica!

They started at Rio de Janeiro, went right around Cape Horn and the Straits of Magellan with some of the most treacherous currents in the world, and then up the Pacific coast of South America to Peru.

Two weeks before they went on their cruise, a cruise ship had sunk in that spot.

Everyone asked if they were still willing to go and my Dad said yes. If they went down then we’d all be spared the cost of a funeral.

Since then they’ve cruised to China and Korea and the Mediterraean in particular Spain and the Greek Isles.

Yup, they’ve basically seen the world.

As soon as my father books the cruise he starts rubbing his hands together in gleeful anticipation!

We had been planning to go to China since last March when I turned 50.

And as soon as we made the plan he started asking me if I was getting excited.

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

I explained to him that I hardly think of a trip until it’s right before me.

I do the preparations, I make the plans, book the tickets and hotels, etc. but I don’t actually get excited almost till I’m ready to board the plane.

On Saturday morning we head to the Airport, and yes, finally, I’m getting excited.

Ten days inclusive, and it’s an actual VACATION.

No writing, no work, no presentations for ten days.

I will take a tablet and I’ve downloaded a BUNCH of ebooks to read! Including The Great Gatsby!

I know, I know, I should have read it ages ago, but something about the title always through me off.

Gatsby? What the heck is a Gatsby? And why the heck am I supposed to care if he/she or it is ‘great’ or not!

Talk about a pathetic title!

But one of my friends raved about it, and honestly there are just SO many pop references to it, that I feel I should have it as part of my ‘literary’ lexicon.

Honestly that’s the way I’ve chosen to read a LOT of the classics. I come across so many oblique references to them, that I simply must find out what all the fuss is about!

I just finished reading Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge.

A relative gave it to me, told me how much it meant to him, and honestly I was more curious about that than actually reading it.

Will it sound too shallow to say that I read it also because of Maugham’s connection to Singapore and the Raffles Hotel that I’d mentioned in my photo gallery?  http://www.rukhsanakhan.com/photogallery/SingaporeMay2010/raffleshotel.html

When I said that, I had no idea who Somerset Maugham was except that he was reputed to be a very literary author.

I thought I’d crib-cheat it a bit and watch the movie. There’s a terrible sentimental 1946 film starring Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney.

Omigosh! I recognized Tyrone Power immediately as the terrible husband accused of murder in the 1956 movie Witness for the Prosecution! A movie that was infinitely better, by the way! Fantastic fantastic movie!!! Definitely worth watching!

Tyrone Power makes a much better ‘baddie’ than a ‘goodie’!

He’s just so EARNEST in A Razor’s Edge!

Hubby walked by on my second go round trying to watch the drivel and said, “Why you watching that white crap?”


Sounded just like my son in law with Moby Dick!

I only read the book because I wondered if it was better than the movie, and yes, I’ll admit it, I was curious as to how good a writer Maugham really was.

He’s just okay, as far as I’m concerned.

The fact that I finished the book is remarkable.

And the weird thing is hubby snatched up the book to read on the trip to China.

So we’ll see what he thinks or if he even finishes it.

I wonder what mark the Great Gatsby will leave on me

Funny thing is I have a closet full of Muslim ‘literature’ I’m supposed to read and review.

They’re books with a ‘purpose’, I suppose.

And their purpose is in line with my own objectives of using story to help humanize Muslims–so I really SHOULD be reading them.

But oh, for the most part, they’re so TEDIOUS!

Oops, I’m not supposed to be saying that!

But goodness! I wish they realized that it’s not enough to have a good message!


The only one I half enjoyed was A Beautiful Lie. But even that one I shall leave behind and delve instead into the high society of the ’20’s’ or at least I think that’s when Gatsby is set.

I’ll find out soon enough.

And if that proves boring–I’ll give it a couple of chapters (just like I gave my unsuccessful attempt at reading Harry Potter)–then I’ll try Crime and Punishment, and if I can’t finish that, I can always go back to Jane Austen! Or even Huckleberry Finn!!! (I wonder how it will read with adult eyes.)

Got free downloads of all Austen’s books and Jane Eyre as well!


Hurray for free!!!

And speaking of ebooks…Just saw the royalty statement for Wanting Mor and for the first time a quarter of the money it made came from ebooks!

It’s been selling quite well! Masha Allah!


Times really are changing!

And so is my publisher!

Groundwood is one of the first publishers who is really taking advantage of their website. They’re offering ALL their work for ONLINE shopping and for all the loyal readers of this blog,  I’ve got an extra special deal in store!

40% off if you order through their website, just by using the discount code FRIEND!

(I’m not doing anything untoward–Groundwood has said we can share it!)

You can buy my books here: http://www.houseofanansi.com/Search.aspx?k=Rukhsana%20Khan

And one particular other selection that I just love and highly recommend is Brian Doyle’s book  Angel Square! It’s a classic! Also published by Groundwood!

And to me it’s his best! Full of ascerbic wit and humour!

So armed with my coby–android tablet knock off and LOTS of ebooks, I’ll be off on Saturday morning.

Won’t be back till the 16th of October where hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to say!

I’m not planning on blogging while I’m away.

I will be checking email, but that’s the ONLY work I’ll be doing!

And hopefully I’ll come back nice and refreshed!

Over and out.

Peace to all, and good will!





I’m so excited!