is a stretch of highway 16 that I drove between Prince Rupert and a small town called Terrace B.C.

Actually it might be further, but I specifically remember that stretch of road.

One of the most beautiful areas of North America, I bet.

You can see pics of it here:

Today they discovered one of the killers of two or three of the sixteen girls that were murdered on that stretch of highway.

He died in prison in 2007.

But what about the other murdered girls.

We don’t have a lot of statistics in North America about all the men, women and children who go missing do we?

We see pictures on milk cartons and for a few days after a disappearance the victims’ families appeal on T.V. but then they fade away.

A young Muslim man went missing not far from where I live.

It was several years ago. We still haven’t heard anything of what happened to him.

It’s the reason I pick my son up whenever he’s working late.

There’s a dark side to society.

And we tend to forget it.