Like everyone else, I’ve been watching news about the Aurora, Colorado cinema killings.

Of course it’s shocking.

Of course it’s apalling that a masked gunman could go into a theatre, lob a cannister of tear gas and then start shooting the people who’d arrived for a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises, randomly. But is it surprising?

No, not really.

I was sitting there watching the news with my jaw hung open when the newscaster said, “How could this have happened? How could this man LEGALLY have obtained this arsenal of weapons and not be noticed or flagged in any way?”

I couldn’t help screaming at the T.V., “Duh! It’s because he wasn’t MUSLIM!”

The only way he would have been flagged or noticed is if he was Muslim. That’s the truth.

If it sounds like I’m playing the race card, well that’s too bad.

If the card fits, play it.

I never did read George Orwell’s 1984, with its talk about Big Brother watching over the public.

He was an amazing writer! A real visionary in ways. Because he had the forsight to see exactly how the government could abuse its power and authority.

Sometimes it’s just so depressing.

Obama has been a HUGE disappointment.

He has gone further than George W. Bush ever dared in terms of eroding rights and freedoms, and more shame on him because he has a background in constitutional law.

You know how many people the American forces have captured during Obama’s reign?


Instead they kill them.

With drone attacks in Pakistan.

Taking a page out of the Israeli playbook of ‘preemptive’ strikes.

Not worrying at all about the ‘collateral’ damage that occurs with these strikes.

I hate the word COLLATERAL!

Collateral is what you use to secure a loan! It sounds very businesslike and I’m sure that’s the reason why the authorities use it!

It hides the meaning of what is really happening through the banality of business jargon.

It is diabolical!

Let’s call it what it is: the murder of innocent civilians along with the person being targetted.

A person who hasn’t been tried in any court of law. A person who hasn’t been found guilty through a thorough investigation of evidence. And with all the bounties on the heads of all these people, any Tom, Dick or Abdul might be stepping forward and giving up the information for a chance at their forty pieces of silver.

Reminds me of this quote:

“Th­ose who forsake essential liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin”

Back in March when I went with my husband and son on that whirlwind tour of the States, I actually got to see his grave. It’s a stone’s throw from the hall of independence in Philadelphia.

I’m sure he’d be rolling over in it if he saw what Obama and Bush have managed to accomplish.

James Holmes and that Norwegian killer Anders Breivik are why racial profiling does not ensure the safety of the community.

Both were white men whose preparations for massacre were OVERLOOKED because the authorities were too busy monitoring their minority Muslim populations at the expense of watching out for criminals who could really inflict some substantial harm.

I feel sorry for the victims of the Norwegian massacre, on July 22, 2011 and now the victims of James Holmes on July 20, 2012, almost exactly a year later.

I wonder if that’s a coincidence?

I do know that Anders Breivik was very Islamophobic–literally.

I agree with Piers Morgan that something should be done about America’s lax gun laws.

Putting metal detectors in cinemas is not the way to go.

Nobody needs 6000 rounds of ammunition and these assault rifles to go hunting, unless they’re hunting humans!

But yet again, I doubt anything will come of it.

For anyone who claims that religion makes people crazy, this is proof that it doesn’t.

People who want to do evil, will find a way to do it.