I know I didn’t mention July 1st which is Canada Day, our day of ‘independence’ from Great Britain, (which occurred in 1867) but I happened upon a friend’s blog post and thought what better way to honour my American friends but by linking to his blog post.

Mark Tiedemann is a science fiction writer from St. Louis Missouri. I love what he said about being American on his July 4th post. You can read his post here: http://marktiedemann.com/wordpress/

Mark is an avowed atheist whom I used to argue with continuously on the old Writer’s BBS Religion and Philosophy forum.

Apparently his views are more influenced by the philosopher Spinoza. (I had to look him up, he was a Jewish philosopher from the seventeenth century)

Whenever I get all riled up by something the American government has done, I think instead of all the Americans I truly admire, and Mark is just one of them.

So happy 4th of July to all my American friends and a belated happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Long may our countries prosper!