So I actually took the plunge and went to Yuk Yuk’s tonight to scope out the joint, so to speak.

From 7:30 till about 11:30 pm, my ears were assaulted with a barrage of, ahem, very colourful language.

There were some genuinely funny jokes in there.

Three to be exact.

Three jokes in the whole evening that really made me laugh and think, wow, that was clever! The only one I can remember involves the man mimicking a baby’s cry.

The women were uniformly unfunny.

I wonder why.

Maybe it’s because they were trying to be both sexy and funny, and it just doesn’t work. Instead they came across insecure and awkward. And worst of all…raunchy.

Not funny raunchy–kind of a pathetic raunchy.

I can’t recall even one woman’s joke.

Apparently it was a ‘special’ night. They were actually filming some of the acts for some kind of T.V. special or something.

Maybe this is my naivete speaking but I actually think the comics did themselves a disservice by all going blue.

They were practically indistinguishible from each other.

And maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t help wondering how they’d feel at the end of the night, using bawdy jokes to elicit a laugh out of people?

I actually think it would depress the heck out of me.

I felt really really weird sitting there through all that nonsense.

And so much of the humour, that wasn’t bawdy was about getting intoxicated in one form or another.

Wow. Just wow!

Is that what this generation is all about?

Honestly, I can’t see any of the comics I saw getting past a rudimentary level of notoriety.

If someone like me can’t remember what I just laughed at, even as I’m walking out the door…it’s not a good sign.

Lots to think about!