Got an email a few days ago from MASC, the administrative body that arranged my mini tour of Ottawa schools.

Apparently the kids at one of the schools had been so intrigued by my Roses in My Carpets  presentation that they’d entirely skipped recess to gather around me!

They SKIPPED their RECESS!!!!

The fifteen minutes they get to do pretty much whatever they want!

And today, I had the joy of going to a school where many of the kids had actually read Wanting Mor!

Even before I started my Wanting Mor presentation, two of the cutest girls: Olivia and Abbey, came up to me and squealed, “We absolutely LOVED Wanting Mor!” 

Olivia and Abbey just looked like little dears! Did I mention how cute they were???

I just chuckled and said, “Thanks!”

So Olivia says, “Are you going to make a sequel???”

I said, “Um, actually I am kind of working on one right now.”

They jumped and Olivia said, “What’s it about?”

And I told her that I was kind of tired of all the sad stories out of Afghanistan and I’d wanted Jameela to find a really nice guy who’d bring her out of her abandonment issues.

Then Olivia says, “That sounds great! Just add some drama and you’re all SET!”


Now of course I’m paraphrasing the whole exchange. Abbey might have said some of this stuff, or I might have gotten the two of them mixed up. Needless to say, I was tickled pink! It is SO nice to see kids SO enthusiastic about books!

And they were just so cute!

I hear so many people grumble about kids these days!

Honestly they sound like old fogeys!

I LOVE kids. Even the more challenging ones. In fact I can easily say my favourite age group to present to is precisely the same age group that gave me the most challenges while I was growing up!

Grades 7 and 8! (Twelve to thirteen year olds!)

These are kids that some grown ups have given up on. Kids they assume don’t respond to altruistic material!

Baloney! These kids are really not that hard to reach. Be yourself, speak to them straight, be honest, and 99.9% of the time, you’ll have absolutely no problems!

And the librarian who’d organized the whole event paid me probably the biggest compliment of all!

She’d been doing yardwork over the weekend and had strained a muscle in her back.

People told her to stay home and rest it.

“But I couldn’t,” she told me! “I didn’t want to miss your presentations!”

Poor thing. She was practically walking with a limp!

But when I finished up my presentations she was grinning ear to ear!

So was I!

It was just one of those lovely lovely days!