Yesterday, after I had such a wonderful time in Bradford, I forgot to mention going to lunch with Marjorie Coughlan in Leeds!

It was a bit of an adventure getting into Leeds. Normally the train from Bradford takes twenty minutes, but alhamdu lillah, I did get there, albeit about half an hour late.

Marjorie lives in a small town outside of Leeds and towards the east.

I knew her from her work at Paper Tigers and the voices of th Pacific Rim project.

Paper Tigers is a fabulous website  that tries to get the word out about books with settings or themes involving cultures of the South Asia and the Pacific rim.

Marjorie interviewed me for the blog and she’s been kind in her reviews of my books.

As soon as I knew I was coming to the UK I wanted to hook up with her!

I should have asked her what she looked like but it completely escaped me. Luckily she gave me her cell phone # and I called her from the train station.

She turned out to be this tall slim brunette in a dramatic red alpaca cape.

It wasn’t a traditional tea shop she took me to but rather a swanky little British lunch restaurant.

We both had the fish plate, which was wonderful and oh the conversation!

We talked like we’d done this a thousand times!

Then we got the waitress to take our pictures. I can’t download it from my camera yet, but when I do, I’ll post it on the blog.

She was gracious, she was kind, and she was everything I thought she’d be! It was an utter pleasure to meet her in person!

I think what has most impressed me with my British acquaintances is how very very generous and hospitable they’ve been!

Both Ayesha Gamiet and Marjorie refused to let me pay for the bill.

It was very  sweet of them both. It really touched me!

I very much hope that I can return the favour when they come out to my stomping grounds one day!

And I wish her the best of luck in her Phd doctorate in art history!